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I am kashinath from Gulbarga, I am born and brought up in Gulbarga.  I have completed my primary and secondary eduction in Gulbarga. I have pursued Master of Social work from Solapur University, in 2008. During my Master degree I have organized many social awareness program like HIV/ AIDS, NREGP and RTI in solapur. I have did research work on “Emotional Stability Among School going childern”. I have did my field work in Psychiatric ward and urban slum area . I have participated International conference on Mental Health & Human Rights. I am passion about health especially Mental Health. Because present day most of the people suffering from severe mental disease. presently I have joined Deshpande fellowship Program In Hubli. fellowsihp one of the precious opportunity me to get more knowledge about non profit organization. my hubbies are book reading, cricket playing, old music listening and traveling.

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